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NAVBLUE Policy on Modification of Temporary Navigation Data

NAVBLUE has made a change in policy regarding Temporary Navigation Data. In the event of any temporary removals or modifications, where there is not a suitable alternative or end date, NAVBLUE will not remove the data. 

Pilots MUST rely on the published NOTAMs to ensure they do comply with any temporary suspensions. 

-Temporary Removal of Data

  • Temporary supplements or NOTAMs that suspend any data without equivalent replacement data shall not be incorporated in NAVBLUE databases

-Temporary Modification of Data over 3 AIRAC Cycles

  • See PDF Attachment

-New Temporary Data

  • All new temporary data valid for 3 AIRAC cycles / 3 months or longer shall be incorporated into NAVBLUE databases. *Data valid for less than 3 months shall be added at NAVBLUE discretion and may require advance request from the customer. 

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